Litohoro, the city of Gods, full of destinations, offers the variety of a mountain as well as a sea resort. On the foothills of mountain Olympus but only five minutes away from the beach.


We mention some of the popular destinations among others:

  • Olympus, the mountain of Gods
  • The Castle of Platamonas
  • The Cavern and the Waterfalls of Enippeas
  • The area of Plaka, kilometres of sandy beach
  • The ancient Dion - Ancient City, Museum and modern theatre

With the opportunity to walk on the ancient streets at hand, you can admire the architectural desing, city blocks, city sewage system. You can stand on the same road, that Alexander the Great, his father Phillipos and Archelaos stood, carved by the carts two thousand five hundred years ago. The ancient Mekka of civilization, culture and trade used to gather around 60 - 70 thousand people when the Mussia took place. Games higher in importance than the olympic games. The museum has in display innumerous findings like coins of those eras, medical instruments, the first hydraulic organ chimes reconstructed and the famous mosaic of Dionysos God.

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